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Chemi-Navi is your one-stop support site for accurate technical information and business development support.
This site is a collaboration of experts in product development, market development, and manufacturing. The site covers major industries such as cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, food, detergents, inks and coatings, oily materials, and other specific sectors.

About Chemical-navi


Product Search
For customers searching for specific materials , product concepts, or technologies.

Sample Request
Request for a free sample for your product development or evaluation.

Formulation and Development Support
Talk to experts directly about how to develop a successful product.

Formulation Helper
Consult our library of personal care formulations or attend a seminar at our Open Research Laboratory.

Our experienced specialists provide regular up-to-date reports on global and regional trends in the cosmetic market, new launches and technologies, as well as technical and regulatory issues.

Surfactant Application
Surfactants categorized by field of application and chemical properties.

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