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Chemical-Navi is your one-stop for accurate technical information and business development support.
This site is a collaboration of experts in product development, market development, and manufacturing. Industries covered include cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, food, detergents, inks and coatings, oily materials, and other specific sectors.

About Nikko Chemicals Co., Ltd.

Nikko Chemicals supplies ingredients for cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, food, and industrial applications.

The NIKKOL GROUP, of which Nikko Chemicals is a member, is in charge of the R&D and manufacturing of the ingredients and can provide comprehensive support.

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Find information to help your R&D, download product document and reference formula PDFs, and request ingredient samples.


  • Manufacturing Support - find materials & manufacturers

    If you are looking for appropriate raw materials or contract manufacturers based on your established business plan, our highly accurate search function allows you to quickly find the product you need, along with precise product information such as SDS, product-specific catalogs, and reference formulas.

  • R&D Support - comprehensive formulation assistance

    We support R&D in a variety of industries, including cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and food. We provide detailed support for customers looking for a path to success, such as introducing application examples, consultation on original formulations, and inquiries to promote customers' projects.

  • Business Development Support

    Planning a new cosmetics business or product? Let us support you in developing safe and reliable cosmetics. In addition to the useful information on this website, our laboratory is open for joint research and educational programs.

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