Working Out With Sunscreen Formulating Troubles

India, Indonesia, Korea, Thailand, Vietnam OCT 20

Good news for formulators!
Do you have any of these issues when developing sunscreen formulations?

  • ・Formulation turns white when applied
  • ・The absorbent is hard to dissolve
  • ・Difficult to maintain a dispersed state
  • ・Promoting more than just UV protection

If you answered “Yes” to any of the above, don’t hesitate to join our webinar that is exclusive to 5 countries: India, Indonesia, Korea, Thailand and Vietnam!

* If you are not from those 5 countries, your country may be the next stop, please stay tuned!

Webinar Working Out With Sunscreen Formulating Troubles 2022/10/20 (Thu) 16:00 (JST) India 12:30 (JST-3:30) Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam 14:00 (JST-2) Korea 16:00 (JST±0) Sachie Harada - Vice Director R&D Center & Open Research Laboratory

In this webinar, we will be focusing on the dispersion mechanism, ingredients (dispersants, oils, actives, etc.) and our formulations.
We will also be introducing a formulation AI system that may benefit formulators in the future.

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Please inquire with us for any questions about the webinar.

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