Cellulose Nano Fiber - GIFT FROM THE NATURE

Sustainable Ingredients Made From The Same Material As Paper With Japanese Technology

Cellulose nanofibers (CNF), like paper, are made by refining hard and durable cellulose fibers obtained by various methods from the cell walls of plants such as trees. CNF is a sustainable material. Because it uses natural biomass, CNF has less environmental impact than petroleum-based chemicals. Moreover, since woody biomass derived from trees that are older and have less CO2 absorption are used as raw material, CNF can protect the circulation of the forest cycle. In Japan, since the logging rate of trees with reduced CO2 absorption is low and activities to promote logging older trees are being sought, CNF is attracting attention as a new environmentally friendly raw material.

Supplying phosphoric acid esterified CNF owned by Oji Holdings as a cosmetics ingredient

The manufacturer, Oji Group, uses the “phosphate esterification method” as a method for loosening and refining the strong hydrogen bonds of cellulose. The feature is that the energy at the time of miniaturization can be significantly reduced, and nanonization can be performed with a yield of almost 100% and little loss. NIKKOL GROUP and Oji Holdings manufacture and supply “AUROVISCO ™ CS” through joint development of CNF for cosmetics industry and will propose new benefits. At in-cosmetics Global in 2018, AUROVISCO™ CS got the silver award in the Functional Ingredient category of the Innovation Zone Best Ingredient Award 2018.


  • Excellent Transparency
  • A Gel To Formulate
    "Misty Spray"
  • No Greasy After Feeling
  • Formulate "Oil Droplet"
  • Robust CNF Network
    Suspended Beads
  • Natural Emulsion
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  • Since it does not simply dissolve in water, use a homomixer with a higher shearing speed instead of a paddle mixer to uniformly disperse AUROVISCO ™ CS before use.
    Aggregation may be seen or the viscosity may vary over time.

Sensorial Inspiration - Formulation Proposal

  • 1 Oil in One serum A beauty serum with visible oil-drop in water raise your beauty mood.
    A new sensation to feel the thickness of vitamin C oil even though it is water. See Formula
  • 2 Moisture Cream Compared to natural thickeners, texture after application is less sticky thanks to the 3D nanofiber network!
    Also for increasing a viscosity of lamellar liquid crystal formulations. See Formula

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