"CLEAN meets J-BEAUTY" Collection

Our younger beauty consumers are searching for more clean & conscious beauty formulas. The 3 collection highlight formulas based on clean beauty principles while infusing it with J-beauty sensorials for a stress-free & indulgent experience.

"Coming Clean on Cleansing"

Natural cleansing collection that uses only 100% plant-derived polyglyceryl fatty acid esters (PGFAEs) as key surfactants. Ingredients are RSPO compliant and/or COSMOS-certified. Finished Formulas have a naturality origin index of 99% (ISO16128).

Emulsion Design
Special focus on emulsification techniques and surfactant assembly mechanisms (micellar, D-phase, bicontinuous, etc.) to create new cleansing product designs.

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・ D-phase Emulsification Method with PGFAE
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・ Natural Micellar Water Technology

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Younger consumers are more engaged to their health and wellness and they are looking for clean and efficacious skincare formulas. This collection showcases our oil-soluble vitamin derivatives in innovative formats that provide robust stability with high visual appeal. Finished Formulas have a naturality origin index of > 98%. (ISO 16128).

Emulsion Design
Special focus on clean emulsion design (oil droplet emulsion , nanoemulsions, alpha-gel, etc.) to provide effective stabilization of our oil-soluble vitamin derivatives while providing social-media ready visual appeal

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・ A gel-to-oil nanoemulsion that stabilizes oil-soluble Vitamin B6 and hydrogenated retinol to boost skin's inner hydration & youthful bounce.
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・ A cushiony nanoemulsion oil-in-toner that stabilizes esters of Vitamin C & Vitamin F for total hyperpigmentation control

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・ An alpha-gel balm that stabilizes moisturizing murumuru butter and esters of Vitamin A and Vitamin F for skin recovery while you sleep

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KIRIE : Shadow & Brilliance

Kirie is an old Japanese tradition of papercutting that plays with contrast or negative space to create shapes or dimensions on a single sheet of paper.
This base & point make-up series allows the user to have a subtle play with light and shadows to reveal a healthy looking skin

Showcase formulas below have a natural origin index of >89% (ISO16128).

Embrace the Natural
Achieve a barely-made look with just 3-5 products. These formulas also address the current reality of wearing make-up under a mask

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・ A priming emulsion with a touch of color to even out skin tone. Radiance enhancing botanicals & triple ceramide complex for skin health.
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・ A watery foundation that does not "cover" but illuminates tired or stressed skin.
Enriched with a powerful pore-reducing ingredients: Asian multiflora rose.

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■ Hero Ingredient: Hyaluronic acid

  • 4 min | March 2022

    Innovative approach to collagen cycle by HAbooster®

    Introducing ultra small molecule hyaluronic acid: HAbooster® manufactured by Kewpie. Deep penetration approach to collagen synthesis.

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