CLEAN meets J-Beauty Technology -
Thorough pursuit of dermal effect

Due to the increasing accesibility of dermal surgery for consumers,
there is a trend that many people expect skin care to be “effective”
like cosmetic surgery. In evaluating the capabilities of beauty
ingredients on the skin, attention is focused on the pursuit of visible
effects as well as on the comfort of application.


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    As a tech-based supplier of beauty ingredients, this formulation campaign focuses on “Science-based Beauty Ingredients” which has many proven efficacies with clinical and tissue-engineering. We are elucidating these mechanisms from evaluations using 3D skin models, epidermal cells, and fibroblasts.
    The key formulation base of Skin-to-Hair collection is composed with plant-derived emulsifiers. Ingredients are RSPO compliant and/or COSMOS-certified.


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    The sunscreen market is growing strongly, with a better understanding of photoaging and an increasing number of consumers using sunscreens year-round. In addition to SPF, we have developed products that meet a variety of needs such as texture, water resistance, and tenderness to sensitive skin.
    SUNSATION proposes suitable natural emulsifiers for dispersing mineral UV filters.

Technical Proposal

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Our Sustainable Report

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