Formulas for Chinese personal care market

The Chinese personal care market has been highly focused on global cosmetics industries.
Have you searched an idea of trend formulation or popular skincare items in the Chinese market?

A report is available on "The Characteristics of Formulations preferred by Chinese Women" and "Our original formulas," edited by Nikko Chemicals Shanghai Corporation and Nikko Chemicals.

Contents (Excerpt)
*Tendency of purchasing skincare products in China
*Preferred formulations for Chinese women based on popular skincare items in Chinese EC malls. (with VIDEO)
*Original 7 formulations created with NIKKOL ingredients.

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Key Ingredients Contained in Formulas

① Melting cleansing balm

cleansing balm

Key Ingredient: NIKKOL TGI-20
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② Water rich lotion

A highly fluid
gel-type lotion

Key Ingredient: NIKKOL Purephos® α
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③ Deep penetration serum

A deep penetrating serum
with a rich texture

Key Ingredient: NIKKOL Lecinol S-10
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④ Cool down gel-cream

A high moisture
content cream
perfect for summer

Key Ingredient: Nikkomulese® WO-NS
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⑤ Fluffy eye cream

Mousse-type cream
for use on the area
around the eyes

Key Ingredient: NIKKOL Nikkolipid® 81S
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⑥ Special clay mask

A cooling,
"rub on" mask

Key Ingredient: NIKKOL Nikkomulese® 41
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⑦ Water-in-moisture stick

moisturizing serum

Key Ingredient: NIKKOL Nikkomulese® WO-CF
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