J-Beauty Trend Formulations-OSUSUME

Osusume is a Japanese word that means “recommendation.” These are recommended formulas inspired by Japanese products and trends, utilizing select NIKKO ingredients.

OSUSUME Session 7: "Green & High functional" Cleansing

We are coming "clean" on cleansing by using non-PEG, RSPO-certified Polyglyceryl fatty acid esters to recreate classic cleansing formulas with a CLEAN advantage.

Shake-2-Activate Gel Cleanser

Shaking this classic 2-phase cleanser transforms it into a viscous gel, making it easier to remove make-up around the eye area. Green surfactants create a "temporary" bicontinuous gel structure for high cleansing effect with easy rinsability.
Video (Formulation Process)

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Squalane Cream Cleanser

Cream cleansers for stressed or sensitive skin are hot at the moment!
This formula breaks into luxurious oils to gently remove light make-up & impurities. Transforms into a milk with warm water for a fresh, softened skin feel.
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"Only 6" Cleansing Balm

This balm contains only 6 ingredients. NIKKOL Decaglyn 3-SV can create gel structures on both glycerin & a cleansing ester to combine cleansing & hydration in one simple formula. Less can be more!
Video (Formulation Process)

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