J-Beauty Trend Formulations-OSUSUME

We created a new concept that focuses on Japanese Beauty, providing 7 different aspects to fully illustrate prevalent trends with original formulas greatly inspired by Japanese products & brands utilizing select NIKKO ingredients.

  • Green & High Functional Cleansing

    We are coming "clean" on cleansing by using non-PEG, RSPO-certified Polyglyceryl fatty acid esters to recreate classic cleansing formulas with a CLEAN advantage.

    Only 6 Cleansing Balm
    Shake 2 Activate Gel Cleanser
    Squalane Cleansing Cream
  • Optical Technology

    Skincare formulas infused with optical technology from functional powders to either boost skin radiance, blur imperfections or selectively protect against damaging UV light.

    Comet Transforming Gel
    Multi Defense Moisture Cream
    Rose Reviving Skin Tone Primer
  • Science and Japanese Aesthetics

    This collection will showcase fusion of "science" and "beauty" as inspired by current products of some megabrands.

    Lipstick with NIKKOL VC-IP (Beige)
    Creamy Emulsion Lip Stick
    Super Hydrating Gel
    Oil-Boost Deep Cleansing Foam
  • Booster Series

    This collection focuses on Asian water formulas that utilizes our technology - enhancing quick or deeper penetration into the skin.

    Summer Oil-free Moisture Mousse
    Niacinamide Boosting Essence
    Prestige Treatment Lotion
  • Men's Skincare

    Formulas that helps make men look good and feel good. Using skincare or make-up is now a genderless territory- rather these are tools for self-care, self-love and gaining success in life.

    Shimi-cover Stick
    Skin Strengthening Emulsion
    Oil Absorbing Glacial Gel
  • Asian Inspired Textures

    Formulations inspired by cult-favorite Asian brands and represent the beauty standards & values of this region.

    Summer Gold Serum
    Kuma Cream - eye cream
    Moist Gel Cream
  • Hybrid Suncare & Skincare

    “Hybrid” suncare formulas go beyond SPF. With interesting textures and skincare benefits, it encourages Asian consumers to include it as an essential part of the skincare regimen.

    Brightening Aqua-Gel Sunscreen
    Flawless Skin Foundation

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