J-Beauty Trend Formulations-OSUSUME

Osusume is a Japanese word that means “recommendation.” These are recommended formulas inspired by Japanese products and trends, utilizing select NIKKO ingredients.

Men's Skincare

Formulas that helps make men look good and feel good. Using skincare or make-up is now a genderless territory- rather these are tools for self-care, self-love and gaining success in life.

Shimi-cover Stick

Put your best face forward using this concealing treatment stick that you can blend with your fingers. Contains a trio of oil-soluble Vitamins C, F and licorice derivative to blot out blemishes or imperfections and prevents them from happening.
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Skin Strengthening Emulsion

Is the male skin strong? Actually NO! Asian men in general have weaker skin barrier with higher sebum production than females. Moreover, shaving and skipping moisturizers accelerates skin aging among men. This 1-step light emulsion helps soothe irritation from shaving and reinforces the skin’s ability to hold on to moisture.
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Oil Absorbing Glacial Gel

A simple yet hardworking sorbet-like gel that helps sponge up excess sebum, blur out blemishes, and cools down “overheated” skin.
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