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Since our establishment in 1946, we have specialized in cosmetic surfactants and continuously innovated while focusing on materials safe for contact with human skin.
Cosmetic Surfactants
■Emulsifiers, Solubilizers, Dispersants, Blend Emulsifiers
High safety, approved for use as a food additive, including glyceryl fatty acid esters.

NIKKOL Nikkomulese series (41, LC, LC-EF, WO, WO-NS, WO-CF) NIKKOL Purephos α, NIKKOL Decaglyn series, (1-L, 1-M, 1-SV), Lecinol Series,

■Viscosity-builders, Gelling Agents, Film Formers, Texturizer
Unique polymeric system formers.
■Foaming Agents, Detergents
Superior biodegradability, including acid amide surfactants.

NIKKOL CMT-30, NIKKOL Decaglyn series

■Active Ingredients, Vitamin Derivatives
Variety of vitamin derivatives with a range of bioactivities, easy to incorporate into cosmetic formulations.


■Oily Ingredients (Plant Oils, Ester Oils, Fluorine Compounds)
Plant-derived natural oils, including esters safe against hydrolysis and oxidation.

Decalgyn 10-OV, Decaglyn 10-MAC

■Hair Shampoo & Conditioning Agents
Vegetable origin, easy handling, highly customizable shampoo base.

Shampoo Base D-2, Tycare Oil No.1, Tycaresoft ISH-210, Typolsoft ECS-390M

■Makeup Ingredients
Surface treated pigments for foundation, primer. High dispersibility pigment. Color intensity improves.

Lipsi Series


Our surfactants can be used in pharmaceutical products due to their strict adherence to the highest safety standards. We also develop DDS (Drug Delivery System) technology, provide ingredients to improve the solubility of hard-to-dissolve active ingredients and offer consultation to solve various problems related to the formulation and production of modern pharmaceutical products.
Pharmaceutical Surfactants
Increase the transdermal absorption and solubility of pharmaceutical agents, as well as increasing the hydrophilicity of oil bases used in ointments and patches.


■Oral Applications
Dispersants, lubricants, binders, diluents, disintegrant agents, coating agents for pills, along with other emulsifiers and solubilizers used for capsules, emulsions, and other liquids forms.


Solubilizers used to dissolve herbal medicinal materials, Vitamin E, and other oil ingredients.

NIKKOL Decaglyn 1-L, NIKKOL Decaglyn 1-SV, NIKKOL Decaglyn 5-SV

■Rectovaginal & Urethral
Surfactants increase the rate of percutaneous absorption and increase the solubility of medicinal materials in oil- & fat-based materials. We also supply surfactants to emulsify and solubilize water-soluble bases, and disperse, dissolve, or accelerate the absorption of other medicinal agents.

NIKKOL DID, NIKKOL Sefsol-218, NIKKOL Sefsol-228

■Acrylic Polymers for Pharma & Medical Devices
Shape-forming, moisture retentivity, and imparting agents.


In the competitive food industry, we endeavor to develop an attractive variety of functional, value-added ingredients with a high priority given to safety and preservability. We offer a technological edge to customers who wish to add novelty to their products, particularly with product textures.
Food-grade Surfactants
■Novel Emulsifiers
Highly hydrophilic polyglyceryl fatty acid esters and polysorbate series.
Emulsifiers with an HLB greater than 10, used as water-type solubilizers.

NIKKOL Decaglyn 1-LVEX, NIKKOL Decaglyn 1-MVEX PN, NIKKOL Decaglyn 1-PVEX

■Fat Modifiers
Emulsifiers to adjust the crystallization of sugars, fats, and oils.
■Starch and Protein Modifiers
Emulsifiers to prevent the aging of starch and other materials.

Cleansing, Washing

Cleansing, Washing
Created with only the safest materials, we supply various surfactants that provide superior cleansing functionality, such as laundry detergent, soap, shampoo, and toothpaste. Our products are intended for everyday use and can be returned sustainably to the environment.
Detergent Surfactants
■Detergents and Foaming Agents
Variety of detergents (cleansing agents) for personal care, home care, and industrial applications.
■Rinses, Fabric Softeners, Anti-static Agents
Emulsifiers for various fabric materials, cooking utensils, clothes, and plastics.


We provide ingredients for functional paints and inks both soluble in water and solvent-free.
Ink Surfactants
■Oil ingredients
Wide variety including oil bases, lubricants, and plasticizers.
■Emulsifiers, Dispersants
Wide variety including emulsifiers, solubilizers for paints and pigments, dispersants.
■Anti-corrosion, Anti-septic Agents
Ingredients to prevent corrosion and surface degradation on various surfaces.

Coating Materials

Coating Materials
We provide lubricants, treatment agents, abrasive agents, detergents, and anti-corrosion agents used in various processes, including pressing, forging, cutting, polishing, and metalworking.
Oil Surfactants
■Functional Additives
Various additives for oil agents, anti-wear (abrasion-resistant) agents.
■Anti-corrosion, Antiseptic Agents
Ingredients to prevent corrosion and surface degradation on various surfaces.
■Laundry Dispersants
Optimal laundry dispersants for dirt and grime of various shapes and sizes.


We provide a wide range of highly functional surfactants used as de-inking agents, gasoline additives to reduce nitrogen oxide emission, fire extinguisher foaming agents, flame retardants, fabric softeners, and dust suppressors, and more.
Other Surfactants
■Plant-Derived Ingredients
All ingredients of plant origin.
■Reagent Grade Surfactants
Including single chain-length POE alkyl ethers.
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