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2011-05-25 11:22:24

Recent findings explain why sometimes it can be so hard to get rid of dark circles.

Kuma” is the Japanese word used to describe dark shades, redness and other skin issues in the eye area.

Epidermis near the eye is the most delicate area on the face, with the skin 40% thinner than on other parts of the face. Dark circles under eyes have long been an object of skin care development, but not many companies have succeeded to develop a truly effective remedy.

Now we may have a clue to a better cure of this skin issue.

Traditionally, dark circles have been associated with poor blood circulation near the eye. Therefore, the active ingredients to stimulate blood flow were primarily used to treat them.

However, quite recently, the research work of cosmetic scientists in the US and Japan demonstrated that the true cause of dark circles is the combination of melanin pigmentation, irritation and problems with blood micro-circulation. People with high concentration of melanin in eye area tend have brown shades (brown kuma), while people with poor blood circulation near the eye have blue, purple or pink shades (blue kuma).

Therefore, an effective KUMA therapy should consist of a well-balanced blend of anti-inflammatory, anti-pigmentation and blood circulation promoting agents.

Another interesting discovery was that in Caucasian women the role of melanin in KUMA formation was higher than in Asian women. Basing on this research, more and more dermatologists in Europe and North America recommend applying skin care products with anti-melanin active ingredients (vitamin C derivatives etc).



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