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We, Nikko Chemicals Co., Ltd., will carefully handle the personal information of users of the Chemical Navi Website (hereinafter referred to as "this Website") and protect said users' privacy under the "Privacy Policy" established by us.
You can access and use this Website without providing any personal information, however, we require you to register as a member of this Website by providing some of your personal information to us if you intend to use the following services.

  1. The following services are provided free of charge but you might have to pay any telecommunications and provider fees required to access this Website.
    • when you subscribe to our e-mail delivery service
    • when you request materials contained in this Website
    • when you use pages available only to members
    *Once you register, you can use the services mentioned above only after entering your ID and password.
  2. After your member registration on request, you will receive e-mails from us or from our affiliated companies that contain useful information which we believe can be of interest to you. When you no longer wish to receive such e-mails, you can stop the delivery of e-mails only by cancelling your membership.
  3. As this Website provides a system in which you can freely access your registered personal information, you can confirm that your registered personal information is correct and up-to-date at any time.
    Furthermore, if you do not wish your personal information to be retained by us, you can withdraw from the membership service at any time by following the procedures specified on this website.
  4. In conjunction with our affiliated companies and business partners, we will manage your personal information in a responsible manner and strive to enrich this Website and provide quality services to you on the basis of this information.
    With regard to our business partners who supply us with samples and materials in connection with this Website, we will take responsibility for carefully selecting the items used and take all possible measures to implement information management procedures that are just as stringent as those we use for our own materials when we administer this Website.
  5. We may disclose the personal information which you have provided for this Website when we are obliged to by statute, or when we reasonably consider it necessary to disclose such information.
    However, we will never use your personal information for any purposes other than those mentioned in paragraph 1 hereof, except in response to requests made by public agencies or to those involved in administration of this Website.
  6. This Website safeguards your personal information by keeping the level of security high and using reliable technology.
    • Defense against unauthorized access by means of the firewall
    • Defense against unauthorized access by means of regular analysis of the access log and use of the intrusion detection system
    • Encryption of data
  7. Some contents of this Website use cookies for the following purposes. A cookie is a mechanism that allows a server to store information on your computer on what you have accessed when using this Website. Information collected through the use of cookies does not include any "personally identifying information" such as your e-mail address or full name.
    • For temporarily storing the information necessary for you to access this Website comfortably in cases where this Website contains an application which extends across several pages.
    • For analyzing, or having any companies to which we entrust our survey analysis activities analyze your access trends in this Website in order to provide a better service.
    *You can select, yourself, whether to enable or disable cookies. (For details of the method of selection, please refer to the help file of your browser.) However, please note that this Website contains contents which may not function properly in part or may cease to function at all, such as the services available only to members, if you disable cookies.
  8. We shall not be liable for any unauthorized use of an ID or password that you have registered. You should be very careful managing your ID and password. Please note that we may suspend any use of your ID and password in cases where you have provided us with false information or another person's data as your personal information required for member registration, or where you use your ID or password in an unauthorized manner.
  9. This Website is devoted to safeguarding your privacy and personal information, but we cannot manage your personal information in any websites which are not under our control, even if they can be accessed from the link contained in this Website. It is possible that such websites are collecting your personal information independently, including information in the form of messages posted on electronic bulletin boards, so you should be very careful in handling your own personal information.
  10. If you have any questions concerning your own personal information, please contact us at the customer center (tel: 03-3662-0371).

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