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[INCI Name] Cellulose

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Product Details
Product Name GE-800
INCI Name Cellulose
IECIC 2021 / China’s Cosmetic
Ingredient Submission Code
IECIC 2021: YES   China‘s Cosmetic Ingredient Submission Code: Please inquire with us
JCLN (Japanese) セルロース
Chemical Name
Industry Primarily Used Cosmetics

100% plant derived true-sphere powder composed of cellulose. Cellulose, which is high-biodegradable, can be used to texturizer with fine-sized and true-spherical by high-technology and soft focus effects.Because of the high-sphericityand smooth surface, you can feel good feeling of usability and spreadability.

Chemical Class
CAS Number 9004-34-6
Appearance White to pale yellow powder
Package size and type 10kg
Tariff Code (H.S. Code) 3912.90

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