What is Chemical-Navi?

Getting lost in your search for materials and ingredients?
Having problems with your formulations?
Expanding your business outside of your local market?
Chemical-Navi is your one-stop support site for accurate technical information and a wide array of business support.
This site is a collaboration of experts in product development, market development, and manufacturing. The site deals in 7 major business segments: cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, food, detergents, inks and coatings, oily materials, and other specific sectors.

What is Chemical-Navi?


  • Intuitively categorized, easy-to-use “Chemi-Search”
  • Request for a free product sample
  • Download the product technical package (SDS, Specification, et.al.)
  • View the Formulary and Seek Formulation Advice
  • Build and exchange knowledge with our original encyclopedia: Nikopedia
  • Know the latest product trends and market information
  • Access technical papers and other relevant references
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Areas of Support

Formulation Helper
Surfactant Chemistry Support