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Chemical-Navi is your one-stop for accurate technical information and business development support.
We welcome people from the business and academic fields to learn more about colloid chemistry. Information on your application must be accurate and as detailed as possible.
There are cases when we decline applications for the reasons outlined below:

・Purpose of membership is not clear
・Type of organization involved is not clear or inaccurate
・The information is inaccurate or incomplete

After registration, a confirmation mail will be sent to your registered email address within 24 hours. The status of your application will be notified through mail within one week.

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Terms of Use
I.To whom do these terms and conditions apply?
Nikko Chemicals (hereinafter referred to as "The Company" or "We") manages (hereinafter referred to as "this website" or "Chemical-Navi"). To use this website's various services, registered members (hereinafter referred to as "Chemical-Navi Members") need to agree to comply and be bound to the following terms and conditions.
II.Changes or Revisions on this Website
This website's contents are subject to change without prior notice, and these necessary revisions bound website members. Where appropriate, we will notify Chemical-Navi Members of the changes through this website or any other legal and established means of notification.
III.Compliance to the Terms & Conditions
This website's services and various provisions that follow are detailed on this site or a particular notification page.
In principle, this website's services are available for 24 hours all year-round except for instances such as server breakdown, network congestion, or any other unforeseeable circumstances. In such cases, the service time might be shortened or completely discontinued. For the cases mentioned above, Chemical-Navi members will be bound to the necessary revisions.
IV.Chemical-Navi Member Registration
For those who wish to become a Chemical-Navi member, you need to agree to these terms & conditions of usage, after which you will need to register through the prescribed procedure.
The registration process is deemed completed (you become a Chemical-Navi member) once we agree to the application. However, we have the right to deny an application or revoke any existing membership in any of the following cases:
  • The registered information is inaccurate; the inputted information is incorrect or incomplete.
  • The member violates article 10 (X)
  • The company deems the applicant not suited to the objectives or policies of this website.
In case of any selling activity, we do not sell any of the services (e.g., product sample, SDS, or any other related documents) through this website. Any separate selling arrangement will be made between the company and a Chemical-Navi member.
V.Nikko Chemical's Privacy Policy for
The company is responsible for safeguarding all personal information registered by a Chemical-Navi member.
Upon registration, we are allowed to use personal information for the following objectives:
  • To send information about any product, service, or event.
  • To send notification about any changes on the website or membership system.
  • Suppose a Chemical-Navi member wishes to revise the notification or disclosure on the usage of personal information or disclosure procedure, or requests to delete their personal information or terminate usage. In that case, we will make the utmost effort to comply with these requests in compliance with local laws and regulations on handling personal information.
    For any inquiries with regards to handling personal information, the contact details are as follows:
    International Division
    Nikko Chemicals Ltd. Co., Ltd.
    1-4-8, Nihonbashi-Bakurocho, Chuoku, Tokyo 103-0002, Japan
VI.Prohibition of Transfer of Membership Rights
As a Chemical-Navi Member, the transfer of membership rights or position is prohibited.
VII.Notification of Changes from a Chemical-Navi Member
If a Chemical-Navi member wishes to change their registered mailing address, telephone number, email address, etc., please use the prescribed procedure of revision of personal information as quickly as possible. In the case that a Chemical-Navi member does not use the aforementioned prescribed procedure or delays the revision of personal information, the company is not liable for any loss or damage that arises from these cases.
VIII.Username and Password Management
The Chemical-Navi Member has full and sole responsibility for managing the use and safekeeping of their username and password. The company is not liable for any loss or damages that arise from a Chemical-Navi member's negligent use or a third-party member's illegal use of a username or password.
IX.Cancellation of Membership
If a Chemical-Navi member wishes to cancel their membership, they need to comply with the prescribed procedure. Cancellation can be made anytime. In the case of a dormant member (no log-in history for an extended period), the company can consider that the Chemical-Navi member has already withdrawn, and the company can cancel the membership.
X.Prohibited Actions
Regarding the use of this website's services, the company can suspend or terminate membership under any of the following conditions:
  • Public disclosure of a Chemical-Navi member's username and password
  • Providing or selling the website's disclosed information, documentation, samples to a third party (referred to as persons that are not Chemical-Navi members or related to Nikko Chemicals. Co. Ltd.)
  • Infringement of copyrights and trademarks owned by Nikko Chemicals Co. Ltd.
  • Acts that are libelous or that constitute character defamation
  • Acts that violate another Chemical-Navi member's assets or fortune
  • Acts that breach the privacy of Chemical-Navi members.
  • The use of malicious software to compromise the operations of this website
  • Posting of information or graphics that are offensive to public morals and order.
  • The use of an illegal network to access this website.
  • The use of this website's services for commercial gain.
  • Acts from a Chemical-Navi member obstruct or hinder the company's selling activities or the operation of this website.
  • Other activities that are considered illegal by law or as stipulated by this agreement.
XI.Cancellation of Membership in the case of Article 10
The company has the right to revoke any membership if the Chemical-Navi Member is found to have committed any of the prohibited actions detailed in Article 10. In such a case, the company has no obligation to disclose the reason for cancellation.
XII.Compensation for any Loss or Damages
In the case that this company suffers a business loss due to actions by a Chemical-Navi member, as stated in Article 10, the company has the right to seek compensation from the Chemical-Navi member for the loss or damages that occurred.
XIII.Disclaimer/ Exclusions
Except for a deliberate mistake or in the case of a serious failure from this company's part, the company is not liable for any loss or damage to a Chemical-Navi member that might come from the use of this website and its contents.
The company is also not liable for any dispute that arises between the following:
(a) Between Chemical-Navi members.
(b) A member and an information provider of this website.
(c) A member and a third-party person or agency in connection with the use of this website.
Moreover, for any loss of registered information or published information on this website that cannot be attributed to this company, the company is excluded from any liability.
XIV.Governing Laws & Jurisdiction
This agreement on terms and conditions of this website's use is governed by Japanese law and should be interpreted under Japanese law. For any dispute that arises, the company and the involved party should submit to the Tokyo District Court jurisdiction.

Privacy Policy

This website collects personal information for the primary purpose of providing membership services offered on this website. This will include new product and service information that will come from the NIKKOL GROUP of companies.
Safeguarding your personal information is our utmost priority. We will not share any information with any third-party with whom we do not have a non-disclosure agreement or without the specific member's permission.

Please review our Privacy Policy before using this website.

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